Wardrobe Consultant for the everyday woman.

You are your best accessory!


Wardrobe Consultations

Ask yourself...have you ever found yourself standing in front of your closet feeling like you have nothing to wear, yet it's full of clothes? Do you ever wear the same outfit over and over again? Do you struggle with what looks good on you? If any of these ring true you are not alone. I believe that feeling great about how you are dressed is very important. With my help, you can have a wardrobe that best suits your lifestyle, body, and budget.


Speaking Engagments

I am available for Corporate Events, College Career Centers Seminars, and Girls' Night In. Corporate Events entail learning how to appropriately dress business casual, identify key foundation pieces, and blend your wear to work with weekend looks. College Career Center  Seminars focuses on what should and shouldn't be worn for an interview, how to stand out, and how to build a smart and affordable wardrobe. For something fun and different Girls Night In is just for you. Lot's of fashion, tips, suggestions, and nothing to buy.

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With over 4 years as the Fashion Expert on Great Day St. Louis, I have informed and inspired many in the greater St. Louis and Illinois area. My segments are full of tips and ideas on how to look and feel your best with your wardrobe choices.

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